Fighting Blindness

Little kids bring us back to basics.  My wife and I knew this…

The Trivium for Life

Life is full of phases.  We enter them, we pass through them,…


Highlands Classical Academy, by partnering with families, exists to provide an education that is both classical and Christian; to equip students to know, love, and practice what is true, virtuous, and beautiful; and to challenge them to strive for excellence as they live for the glory of God and for the good of all people.

Schedule A Tour

We invite all families who are considering our school for their children to schedule a tour or join us for a recitation. School Tours are available Monday – Thursday between 8:45 and 11:30 am. These tours will be during school hours and you will get to see the classrooms in action.  If you come for one our recitations you will have the opportunity to see our students publicly share what they have been learning through song and recitation of scripture, poetry, and excerpts from literature they are studying.  An administrator will be available to give you a tour of the school before or after the recitation.